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We make it a habit to close the fuel lines when the mowers are on the trailer. It seems to help us. We have done this since day 1. One day we forgot and the one engine that day was flooding alot. I hope things work out with your exmark. It sounds like your belt needs to be adjusted by your dealership. We have to adjust the wheel engagement handle all the time. It seems to have to be adjusted more when we have high heat. We love our mowers. They just need to work some little things out. We are still waiting for Kawaski to send us a metal bracket for our engine. I hate to weld a four month old exmark. I love kawi engines, but have not been happy with there response time getting parts out. It's going on three weeks. It's sad that some companies talk a big game about getting parts out over night and then they don't follow through. I guess thats the real world, sadly. That's why we run our bussiness right and don't just talk bs. If a problem does come up we fix it right there and take responsiblity for the mistake. I would respect kawi if they called me. I still think big companies miss the boat by not keeping in touch with the people buying there products. How many of you have tried to get a hold of a big company, they put you on hold forever, they don't want to talk to you. It's sad!!!! Just venting!!! You put out a good engine talk to people!!!! Loyalty is a two way street!!!!
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