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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
I am wondering if a regular push spreader could be modified to spread compost. Suppose you cut a circular hole about 2 inches in diameter in place of the usual center hole. Would that be big enough to pass a well-screened compost? Could you replace the big hole with a plate with the usual hole size held in with three screws--when you needed to use the spreader for ordinary fertilizer?
Same idea for a ride-on spreader.
Yes I have wondered that myself. There is a Bigfoot High Volume spreader.

We have EKO compost here and the leading bark blowing Co. will blow it out. On of my aeration clients had it done and I was not very impressed with the results. Uneven application and far too much wood product in there for a lawn. EKO does make a lawn top dressing formula with far less wood in it but it's not available in bulk that I know of.
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