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A little followup on getting a scag spindle into a sentar. Remember the reason is you can get aftermarket scag spindles that cost less than $60 and the sentar ones are about $200.

And in my case I just happened to get 2 used scag spindles out of
the shop scrap pile so.....all I need in this case is a 1 1/8 taper adapter
since that is the size of the spindle shaft

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This is what I call the taper adapter. If I had got a 1" shaft spindle that is used on most scag WB I wouldn't have needed anything.

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The bolt holes are exactly the same and it comes in from the bottom

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This what it looks like in place. I did have to wack about an inch off
the top of the spindle and that is why you see so many threads. I could have cut off the bolt also.
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You can see it is tight when the deck is all the way up. That nut is about
.005" away from the arm. You put bolt in and nut on with deck in a lower position.

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So for this deal I will be buying one bolt and shim. I will show you the shim that goes underneath to move the blade into place even with the side that has the sentar spindle.
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