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New sod care tips?

Hello. I recently installed new sod 8 days ago. So far 70% of the sod has stayed green but with the 30% being yellowish (around the edges of each sod piece).

My landscaper suggested to keep the sod "drenched" because of the heat wave last week. Now that the temps are cooling down a bit (mid 70 to low 80s) how much should I water each zone? I have a total of 8 zones with 1 zone not having any new sod pieces. I have been running my home sprinkler system manually with the assistance of 2 hose connected sprinklers to assure that the sod was soaked.

Ideally, I would like to run the zones so they have enough water until the afternoon where the temperature will get hotter before dipping down again. Im not sure how long to water each zone in the early morning.

Any advice
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