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Originally Posted by JRSlawn View Post
zedo got any pics of the inside of your trailer? I seriously dont know how anyone lives without a jobsite trailer. For instance my crew was on a paver job on an older home they had run to outside faucets with 3/4 poly threw the lawn my just were finishing up and pounded 3 spikes threw the poly line there I was back to the hardware store to get fittings and pipe our box truck is a catch all for all the construction debris just brought it home to spray my lawn and there was 10 rolls of left over sod a tiller and a **** load of tools that I couldn't find its insane. Even with the side boxes on the 4500 its not enough space I will leave the tools in there so they have extras break a shovel or rake bam they got one no calling me asking me to bring out tools I could've paid for a nice trailer by now with the wasted time this season alone.
Ramp door, steel shelving on left side, 8'l x 2'w x 5' h. Track at mid height, filing cabinet and pee pail. The rest you'll figure out, its just about what tools you have and how often you use them that the trailer gets organized.

ps, you type worse than me.
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