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Okay. I am assuming after all is said and done after all expenses and all your taxes, you still end up somewhere in between 52,000 to 56,000. If that is somewhere near correct, you apparently pay somewhere between 3% of personal tax and less than 10% for your business tax(these are all still rough numbers).......sounds good to me. What more do you want? Only way you're going to make more is cancel all your business contracts with the gov, auntyirs, state, city,federal the whole cabootz. Or take only federal reserve debt notes. Or you can be just like everyone else and find more cheats and loopholes in THEIR commerce game. Or get more work and kill yourself solo more. Or do the same but become windshield man.

Averaging 54,000 divided by 12=4500 a month, or 1125 a week take home pay. I hope none of your business is taking a single red penny from your weekly take home pay.

In my opinion, I'd stop paying 12.4% social security.You have enough time in to get a check already. You can do a hell of a lot with 12.4% for 8 more years and retire at 60 than SS will ever EVER give you. And you can have it anytime you want it. No waiting. No wondering where it goes when you die, and a ton more things you wouldn't believe about SS.

Still there is a lot missing from your info. Do you waste money? Have tons of debt? Spend money on sh!tty food? Blow through cash on to much entertainment? Wife and kids? You know what I'm getting at.

I'm with RWI on the always take chances and always be looking for the next angle of business. Hobnobbing with clients is the key to always bring in more flow. After all, it isn't how much ching you make. It's all about who you know.
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