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Originally Posted by AmericanLawn&Landscape View Post
this thread is awesome! really cool how in just 4 years you built such a good business. Would definitely be cool to have a booming business, shop, newer equipment and everything at just 24! do you plan on expanding more? or staying right at the size your at ?
Don't let me fool you...I didn't necessarily have this great booming business at age 24. I did have A LOT of equipment and bills to go along with it but that doesn't mean everything was running like clockwork, it still doesn't run like clockwork! I've been hustling since day one to keep everything running straight on a daily basis. I didn't take a regular paycheck for years in order to get things up & running. Basically I don't want to lead anyone on to think at 24 I had anything more than a ton of equipment on my hands and it was my job to figure out how to keep it busy and be able to pay for it all and gain & retain customers. Things have become easier over the years as I've progressed through the school of hard knocks and learned a few things, but I still take my share of hard knocks these days as well.

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