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Finally got the new mower home Saturday afternoon and my son and I cut the yard in about 2/3 of the time it usually takes us. Then I took it out to the lot out back and cut "the hill" which is a large pile of dirt about 6-7' high and about 30' diameter that came from dig out of a pond the next door neighbor had done. The owner of the lot then was going to use it for fill when he built his house but he sold the lot to me instead. Cutting that area has always been a pucker moment on the tractor because of the slope on it but the 920 handled it with no problems what so ever. And if we had sharpened the blades before we cut with it, it would have taken a single pass over it I'm sure. As it was, some of the tougher weeds took a couple of times going over them to get them cut. No matter though, I was having FUN!!!

Here's some pix of the old machine and the new one.

I'll get the blades off this week and sharpen them so I'll be able to see how the Jungle Jack works too.
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