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Originally Posted by LandscapeSavannah View Post
You are not going to make more working at some "shop" than being the CEO of your company if you do this right. It sounds to me like you just need to take a step back and look at your own company. With that many accounts, you could be really making some money. Also, 7 days a week at 14 hour days, I think you are burnt out on it and discouraged. It seems you may NEED the help. I'm sure your helper is tired. Another person is designed to lessen the burden, and in turn lessen everyones hours. It may COST you a little more per hour but you should also be able to DO more. You should form systems for your business, and spend time managing your business instead of running it so much. I'm not saying sit at home and have someone do all the work, but you need people that can step in and take charge if you need to go look at another job, or speak with a customer, or talk on the phone. If youre doing your man hours correctly then that should include a percentage of pay for you also. So if you are on the job but you need to spend an hour talking on the phone and another 30 minutes stopped by a potential client across the street, you are still making money from the guys working for you. You need to face the fact that you cannot do everything yourself to the point where running your business gets in the way of running your business. If your straight out of high school give it time. Youre probably making double what people your age are.

learning I can't do everything has been a 3 year lesson. I am 22. What you said is the reason for this thread. I am realizing this. the reason for a shop job is keep a steady income while I rebuild my company and manage it rather than doing it all myself and I could have my heath insurance payed for. I have the mentality I need to be there for everything, I can't do that and grow. I was thinking a second shift job, dropping most my customers and reworking my routes and keeping my most expensive accounts. That would be like $1300 for 30 hrs of work. Thats a good profit for paying someone solo to do it. That would train me to work from 8 am till 3 or 4 pm like I really should. I do want to get married someday, I can't expect my future wife to put up with this craziness. Also I want my company to support full time year around employees. So i need to be in the position of paying them 30k a year at some point.
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