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Originally Posted by newsod View Post
Thanks for the tips. I checked the lawn this morning and the yellow spots are spouting green blades! However, I also noticed a few brown mushroom heads. We did have 2 heavy storms in a row so the grass was probably really moist for the mushroom to grow right?

I will continue manually watering the grass and the third week, let my rainbird do it automatically. Does 20-30mins per zone for 8 zones seem reasonable. Possibly around 5-6AM?

If it gets hot during the afternoon, I will also make it run again in the afternoon for again 30 mins?
In my opinion you should continue to keep the piece of sod moist until the sod has rooted well (means you can not pick it up without much force being applied because the roots have grabbed).

After the roots have grabbed start easing it off the water little by little (not daily generally) so as not to throw it into shock essentially. The blades of the turf will tell you when they need water by folding/curling. When you see this it means it needs water.

Once you have reach the allowing grass to show you when you need to water...if need be you can allow the irrigation system to take over. Assuming it has a sensor in working order, you should be able to set your irrigation to deliver 1/2 inch to 3/4 of a inch twice a week.
Each irrigation system is different based off of pressure, nozzles, heads etc so they will deliver different amounts of water in a set amount of time based on all the information listed.
You can do a audit your self research "catch can method irrigation" and figure out how much time your irrigation system needs to deliver the amount of water needed.
If that is too much for you to do as it is often for most of our customers who struggle with watering practice...we tell them to set their zones with pop ups for 20 to 30 minutes twice a week and zones with rotors 45 minutes to a hour twice a week. It may not be perfect but generally we obtain and maintain healthy looking lawns with practice and rarely with the exception of the hottest periods of time see any form of drought stress on the lawns that do this.

Hope that helps
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