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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
No, not really. I have to believe that you don't travel up above the line very often with those comments. You may have a longer mowing season, but not more grass to cut. It's not all suburbs and city up here puppy. There's tons and tons of wide open areas and farm lands, huge acreage estates etc., as well. As for roads, we have no mountains to deal with around here to determine where a road can be run, and I can guarantee you we have every bit as many roads and most likely a lot more of them to travel than you guys down south. You keep forgetting I lived in FLA for several years, and drove back and forth between there are here to come back for visits. Now, when I lived in Alaska, I'll grant you you have more roads down there than they do up there. There's only about 5 of them up there LOL.
Another thing to consider is not only the amount of grass but the amount of people willing to pay for our services.
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