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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
THe whole thred is confusing, one pose the op is grossing 10k per month and in another thred it takes over an hour to do a 35$ lawn, which would be around 300$ per day or around 6000$ per month.

JCLawn what you need to do is keep track of everything on a daily basises, even personal stuff.

It sounds to me like you need to be organized.

I started out working full time and doing lawns part time. I didn't keep good records because income was great.
When I went full time I started keeping close records both personal and business wise.
Yes with drive time solo $35 lawn will take alomost 1hr. That's going rate for here. I have 2 lawns that are $194 a hour. When I lived at home and did not have house responsibilites every dollar was accounted for. I could look everything up, I just don't know the numbers right now. The off season is when I normally polish my records because I only work 6 days a month.
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