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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Another thing to consider is not only the amount of grass but the amount of people willing to pay for our services.
This is so true. Every time my wife and I go out for a weekend cruise (a normal one is between 150 and 200 miles, so maybe cruise isn't the right term) we always notice and comment on how more of the folks out farther from town have their own mower of some sort, and that we see far less LCO's, whereas the closer to town we travel, the more we see LCO's and less folks on a mower doing it themselves. That indicates that folks close to, or in town are willing to pay someone rather than do it themselves. This creates a lot of opportunities for LCO's to get a variety of experiences with a much wider assortment of turf types under their belts to know what is working out well for them and what isn't.
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