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JC, take some time to understand your numbers, your business, and your customers before you make any major decisions. If you are too busy to look at your business, hire someone for two to three weeks while you step back, catch your breath and evaluate things.

1. What are you doing that is currently making you money? How can you do more of that?
2. What are you doing that is not making you money? Can you fix the problem, or do you need to stop doing that type of work?
3. What do your best customers have in common? How can you get more of them? What do your worst customers have in common? Can the problem be corrected, or should your drop them?

After you have some ideas on what is good and bad about your business, spend some time evaluating your accounts. List the accounts that are actually costing you money. Fix the problems that make them unprofitable, change the price or drop them immediately. At this point you should have a little clearer picture of your business, as well as fewer and/or more profitable accounts. Now you can make an educated decision about the future of your business. Send me a pm if you like, I have some tools that can help walk you through many of these steps in about 3 weeks.
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