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Now correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I'm reading from you.

The numbers you're posting make it sound like you're too cheap. 100-120 lawns doing 10-12k a month makes it sound like they're in the price range for a mow and go lawn that will take 10 minutes (about $25 a cut). But then when you said you're working 7 14 hour days that makes those numbers go down the tube. Like someone else said, they're averaging $60 an hour solo, that means with drive time and all. I'm assuming the 7/14 thing you said meant office time, shop time and all or I hope atleast.

You need to start tracking stuff better, keep time on places and on drive time, tighten up the route and raise prices. The fact that you're saying you don't know how much or how many lawns you even has is really scary. I'm not trying to be mean or rude here but that should be something you could say off the top of your head.

Don't be the guy that just wants X amount of lawns, be the guy that was X amount of money out of X amount of lawns. I know a guy thats about your age and lives in my neighborhood, same thing as you he's been in business for 4 years and started in high school. He now has 3 guys working for him and he works a full time job plus mows all evening everyday. I wondered how he was growing so fast, then started to realize he was landing all the jobs in my neighborhood that I was called to in the past and turned down because I was always "way too expensive" per the customer. I started talking to him and as we'd talk more it started coming out how he charges between 12-17 a lawn! And the 17 number is his new prices because he "couldn't work for free" as he said. He had no clue, and just kept seeing he was adding 5 lawns a week and thought it was because he did awesome work and the fact that he was 18-20 at the time that he started blowing up and had a full time income also supporting the company he had no clue he was working for free.
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