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45 a man hour for employees aren't bad. In my area it's 35-45 for an employee, an owner should turn 60-90 honestly.

You had mentioned cutting back to 1300 in work and it taking an employee 30 hours to do I believe. That'll never work out. 1300 in work will be what roughly 40-50 places? An employee on his own will be lucky to do 1-1.5 an hour without you there cracking the whip. I still say you need to keep better track on everything and make sure you're getting a good rate. Your statement about the management company giving you 5-15 lawns a week tells me again you may be too cheap. I'm constantly telling management companies to get lost because they call with these jobs that are horridly low. Around here the construction guys that are hurting for cash are the only ones that do the property managed places.

You said in your first post how at the end of the month there's no extra money really, that means something's wrong and needs reevaluated, and when you said you're lucky to get 1.5 lawns an hour done with an employee, it leads me to believe you're too stretched out. How many miles does the truck get put on it per week during the mowing route?
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