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I will try to shed a little light on the cutting operations around where I'm at. The lco's in my town use equipment as follows.

Lco 1: 2 48" walkers
Lco 2: 2 48" walkers and a 60" cub tank
Lco 3: 1 48" walker and 60" pre hyper super z
Myself: 2 48" walkers and 2010 66" super z

You can see a trend I'm sure. There are two dealers in my town, a hustler dealer and a husky dealer. Both are great guys to work with. One doubles as a tire and auto shop and the other works out of a car dealership.

Here is what I have determined about my area. If you go 30 miles north to Wichita you won't find a hustler on a trailer unless they are fly by night people who don't pay taxes. Wichita and the suburbs are dominated by walkers and as I have recently learned standers are picking up very quickly.

If you travel east 30 miles you will find one guy with a walker and two ferris' (I used to work for him) and one with all John Deere equipment. There is also one who runs two exmark 60" lazers.

Hustler dominates sales in the homeowner department around here along with grasshopper. I see more farmers/ranchers running grasshoppers than anything else.
With that being said its pretty obvious that hustler is frowned upon in the commercial cutting scene. The only reason I own one is because it came with the business I purchased earlier this year. That being said, the sooner I can get rid of that damn thing the better. It has been a great machine from a reliability standpoint, but I've never seen anything cut so poorly in dry grass. Supposedly the hustler shines in southern grasses? I cut mainly Bermuda and native pasture grass with it and it doesn't cut worth a damn.

The local municipalities have hustler fleets and the only reason I can see for this is hustlers are a more affordable mower, or at least they used to be.

They are tough, but I can honestly say that they are in no way tougher than any of the other machines I have operated. Those being in order, a John Deere 72" 797. Two diesel grasshoppers, I forget the numbers. 3 different walkers both side discharge and ghs, a ferris 3100 and 2000, and finally the super z. I have only been in this industry for 6 years, but I have enough experience during that time to make an honest statement. There is nothing more special about the super z than what any other mower can offer.
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