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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I'm glad you finally posted a video. It is fun to watch any machine working IMO. Also, you are obviously close to a RR track somewhere LOL I grew up next to one and know that sound well.

The speed things seems to be really important in your desire to "prove" to all of us that the SZ is the best thing since sliced bread, but as I said in the 472 thread, what does that really prove? You sure can't do that in a commercial setting, and you most definitely couldn't do it up here in the north on this type of grass. Your speed would be easily offset by many, if not most other brands superior cut on northern turf. Why npt now try the 472 on that grass in the video. No rain in the sky that I could see. Grass was short and easy to cut. Seems like a much more fair place to demo a machine built to maintain manicured turf vs bush hog type cutting.

You are always asking us why this, or do we agree with that, and demand an answer from us on our opinions posted. So......Why is it so important for you to always try to prove the SZ is the best machine around? It works great for you on your farm. Again, so what? You are but a single grain of sand on a very large beach, same as the rest of us. This is comparing apples to oranges by comparing your speed on your own land for where no profit is involved vs the rest of us who do this for our living. Are you saying that a single grain of sand is more correct than the many other grains who disagree with you over the SZ?
I've never seen anyone so bitter over being shown something they honestly don't want to believe, you have a hard time believing your own eyes. I never set out to show you what my mower would do up north, I don't care what my mower will do up north, my object was to show you what you claim cannot happen, and that is for a Super Z mower to cut grass cleanly at full speed with no clumping.

I don't cut grass to make money, I cut grass with a mower that will save me money by being much more productive in my cutting situation.

I think you should be able to figure out from what you've seen that there are LCO's that cut grass in this area of the country with Hustlers, and do very well with their business.

Hustlers don't cut good in northern grasses, so what, that is perfectly fine, we don't deal with the limp blade northern type grasses.

You just need to suck it up and admit that a Hustler Super Z will actually give a better cut than you believed possible, and that it will definitely give a better cut at a more productive speed than you've ever seen.

I will then tell you that there is no doubt you JD does a wonderful job in your northern cutting, and at a very reasonable speed. Your happy, I'm happy, and we all live very happily until the hereafter.

Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
What engine do you have puppy?
35 Kawasaki

Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
This is the setting I was hoping to see the 472 cut in the review with the overgrown stuff as a secondary test.
The 472 cut the very exact same thing, the only difference it did not leave as smooth a cut finish, and it took it much longer to perform the same work.
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