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I feel like it's time for us to all just let it go. I'm referring to ridin, gmlc, myself, and any others who are trying to show you that just because you love your mower, doesn't make it the supreme z on the market. You are impossible to reason with, we bring up valid points and you bring up your opinions and post numbers and calculations that disprove our points, and visa versa. We all know how much math problems and such come into play during our mowing operations every day. There are so many other variables that play into our days that control productivity and our end amount of grass cut per hour. We aren't lucky enough to be able to make 4 passes and then run the numbers and come up with the end amount of grass that the mower can potentially handle. Puppy, I want you to measure all of your mowed property and post the results, and then take the required time to mow it all and record the time taken. Then run it through your little calculator and post the results. I can guarantee that you won't cut as much grass as you think you can in the time you think it will take. There is so much more that comes into play that slows you down.

I could make 4 passes on my 66" super z and come up with an estimated acre/hr. That is not realistic though, because I can tell you that I mow a 3.4 acre property and it takes me exactly an hour. I'm obviously required to mow at a pace that produces an acceptable cut. If the property was wide open with no obstacles I could probably mow it faster. This is what we face in the lawn industry, and this is something you obviously have no idea about and obviously don't care. Which is like a 6 year old having an opinion and when asked for a reason as to why they have the opinion they answer "cuz". This just the interpretation of the things I see you post.

It's a never ending cycle that no one will win. You have the best mower for your cutting situations, but it's not worth a damn for 90% of the other users in the industry. I won't speak for anyone else, but in my opinion you don't want to accept that fact, as much as we don't accept that there arent other mowers that can compare with it day in and day out. Until we come down and mow side by side with you, we will never know.
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