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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
We upgraded our T3000's with the new pump & go pedal. No other unit can compete with the T3000. We used PG's in the past. Demoed Z-Sprays (all sizes) several times. Demoed the Ground Logic too.

With the T3000, you get the best of both worlds. I won't bore you with the many reasons. There are over 3 dozen T3000's in my town. Way more than any other stand-on sprayer/spreader.

I saw the first Z-Spray today in weeks. Once in a awhile I'll see a PG Magnum.

Our local Scotts Lawn Care had exclusively run Ground Logic units for years, but now I see they're running T3000 units.

Final note: The only stand-on sprayer/spreader you will not see for sale on ebay = TURFCO's T3000.

p.s. We treat a 20 acre cemetery that will only allow a T3000 to treat it, and their reasons are valid.
I saw the first t3000 today in weeks. Trugreen runs it guessing just back from being in the shop Once in a awhile I'll see a PG Magnum.

I could really care what my competitors are running as long as my service and materials are superior,who cares

Final note: I checked E-bay this morning hmm didn't see any Z-Sprays out there, must be a reason. P.S. Probably one of the reasons LT Rich just made a multimillion dollar expansion because their not selling any of the units.

P.S. We treat a 60 acre sports complex they asked me now you only run Z-Sprays right? I said yes why they said that is the only machine they would allow on the complex.
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