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Walk behind or push???

I'm a college student studying economics and finance at USC, and run a 1 man lawn service during the warm months to keep me afloat. I service about 20 properties (some weekly, most bi-weekly). The problem I keep running into is yards with 36" gates.

My question is this: would I be well advised to pick up a used 32"-34" walk behind & velke over the winter? I have never operated a walk behind, but it seems like it would save me a good bit of time. Being a 1 man show, I try to work as efficiently as possible, so I really hate spending the time to push a yard... I have seen older WB's for $800-$1,200 on craigslist etc. I would only need to get 2-3 more seasons out of it before I graduate. WHat do you pros think? What would be your course of action? would you continue to push or step up to a walk behind? I do all my work in between class and studying, so I only mow 3-4 days a week.

Thanks, Casey
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