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Hey Porcupine, have you seen many people using these mowers around? I have only seen some people using the timemaster, I don't know if the tranny problems were up here too. I was trying to hold off on getting an exmark 30 until next season, but was debating getting one in the next couple weeks to help speed things up.
Timemasters here in the GTA is all I saw.
In Aurora I saw a homeowner using a Turfmaster (Toro) on a fairly big lawn...
The tranny problems are mainly for the eXmarks because eXmark made the design a little different. Still, I would advise agianst. Wait for 2014. There is some talk of Toro 22155/22156/22197/22198 wheels to be put on just a larger diameter and a larger S/D hole... And of course probably better drive system.
You know, the usual stuff and more...
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