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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
What was the soil it was put down on? Sandy or Clay loam?? Makes a big difference in scheduling irrigation...

If you can walk on it without being 'squishy' under your feet then it is not likely too much water... by the sounds of it you should let it dry out now and allow the roots to get some air...

When it is HOT with burning sun it has been helpful to many different people to "syringe" the grass during the heat of the day to cool the turf at critical stress times... this does not replace the morning irrigation, but again you want the soil to dry out some once the roots have started anyways...
Im not sure what type of soil it was laid upon. When I walk on the grass, it does not feel squishy. The temperature has finally gone below 80 this week so I will cut back on the watering.

Common sense tells me that the roots only grow as far as the water is available. So They grow deeper if that is where the water supply is.
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