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Dan, a lot of the lawns are beginning to have a lot of problems directly associated with the last two week's worth of intense heat and lack of rain. I've been watering every other day (restrictions in my town force me to follow this watering schedule) for an hour per rotary zone and 30 minutes for my mister zone. It's been working pretty good but I'm still showing some areas of browning out. I purposely did not do the 18-0-8 Allectus on July 8th as I did not want the intense heat and the sun's rays to melt the slow release coating on the pellets and therefore release the nitrogen all in one wack. People who did do it have been complaining of burning in their lawns but I've been telling them all when they come in to buy it to NOT do it until things calm down somewhat and we get some rain.

I hope you've been able to keep yours somewhat happy during this rough time.
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