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88 dollars of mulch
me and a helper 3 1/2 hours
some weeding/spraying
some edging

150 for the mulch - I charge to go get it

225 for the labor

lets just say 25 for the edging material???

400 dollars cash or check, paid before I start or right when I get done, most likely before I start. Why mess around with chasing money or paying for and spending all that extra time on credit cards.

taxes, gas, insurance, office expenses, ect... I should charge more.

And if I ever see something simple that I can fix while I am at it I will throw that in for free - they love that - always give them a little something extra if its not too much trouble. A guy told me at a seminar a long time ago to always give them more than you promise and I always try to do it. It goes a long way with folks. Let's them know you care.
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