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Originally Posted by mowzilla View Post
i used to run 'belly" ztrs. i have two walkers now. the ghs, well NO midmount can cut as good as it.. i tried them. i have run ztr's from day one along with others..used to be a loyal exmark fan. but now i bleed yellow.

i use the ghs on all my nice stuff(most all my residential and commercial stuff is higher end) . the stripes, smooth cut, no scalping is awesome. clients love this mower. has been pinnacle in pushing my growth because i can layer a nicer cut than any walkbehind or midmount, and its clean. i save tons of clean up time after pruning and in leaf season with this bad boy. i cut slopes all day everyday. it has its limits. but not like everyone says..

the mbv , well its a whole different animal. its a faster walker ( hydro gear trans) , in fact i compared it head to to head with my previous 2010 lza lazer, i can cut faster with the walker. it goes places the lazer could only dream of, excellent on hills and slopes ( i have cut 35 degreers with it . sticks like glue) . eliminates having a 36 or 48 walkbehind. has a gear drive 42" mulch deck..i have never seen any other mower in my thousands of hours mowing handle wet grass like it does. up to 4-6 inches of growth it kills it no clumps. the other manufacturers to me fail in the design of closing the blades off in to individual chambers..air man, air!! wet grass and an exmark with a mulch scag's a little better..not much. that's where the walker guys nailed it. gear drive deck doesnt slip and i have 'tested the limits of hitting objects with it.. i will say it will take more than my old lazer and the shear pins and bolts are the ticket".. berms and hills are a non issue. at 800 lbs its light and nimber, doesnt rut. want a side discharge deck for it for the ' insane stuff'.. still cuts like a walker. to me walkbehinds and midmounts are a waste..inefficient.. and i have the BABY of the mb's. i have mowed with the mbs 29 efi (a.k.a super bee) and head to head with a z series lazer, i'll take the walker anyday. i am glad people hate on walkers and dont know about the mb's. keeps me growing.

by switching to walker i have doubled the size of my company on the same man power and can give better quality than ever before, and better than most of my competition, by far.
For ga grass your right, but come up north and walkers leave little strips of uncut grass, not near as good i used them for 10 yrs and now i don't and very happy about it, less maintenance, bagging yuck, stripes are funny looking with walker, no comparison here. depends on your grass south verses north.

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