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Originally Posted by ShorterGrass View Post
TonyGreek I will not at all claim to be an expert on what gets website rankings up but, my website was entered over 400 times in a month from redirects from the google adwords ad. Site activity increases the ranking correct?

Either way, I already cancelled the website because all the business it was generating was farther away than I really wanted to go. I feel like the website added credibility but not enough to justify another expense.
You cancelled your web site? Did it, and your ad, convey your service area? Turning down business is one thing, but eliminating the possibility of attracting business seems rash.

400 visits from Adwords in a month leads me to wonder if you were not using "exact match", or even "phrase match", for your campaign. With your mention that you shuttered the site due to out of area calls, Im guessing you were broad or phrase match? 13+ adwords clicks/day seems rather high for as small of an area as you live in.

In terms of your ranking factor, site clicks could be of some small help to you (although your referral source is questionable. As a test, where did you rank on Bing or Yahoo?), but I'd wager bounce rate would have a greater impact. Based on my glance, I do think it would be very tough to tie your organic rank to your campaign, however I also think it would only take a modest attempt, and just a couple of days, to quickly rank a site there.
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