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I'm 6'04" 350 and I run a velke behind my 36" Exmark WB. All I did was adjust the handles up so I didn't have to lean down and it's toted me fine. Just have to step off the sulky when you are trying to maneuver through tight areas and the grass is wet.

Get a WB and sulky, you will be pleased with it's performance.


Originally Posted by chefcam864 View Post
dllawson, thanks for the input! I seem to see John Deeres, Lesco, and toro prolines for sale in the $800-$1,500 range. Obviously they're all well used, but for my needs I think I could get my money's worth out of something like that. Is there a weight limit on the velke? I'm 6'6" 260, so I'm a little worried I may be a bit much for the velke.
Can anyone give me suggestions of what I should check out on a used walk behind? Any usual suspects that are prone to breakage?
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