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Originally Posted by Reliable 1 View Post
I have a Wright 36 RH....that has the baffle kit on it. WHen I first started, it blew out really bad. I went back to the dealer with a WTF question anad was told to purchase the gator blades to reduce blowout. Not much improvement. However, I also have a Exmark 36 inch walk behind with mulching blades. The holes for my Exmark and Wright blades were identical so I installed the Exmark wavy mulch blades on my stander. My blowout since installing the blades have been minimal....unless I try to take too much off. Does an excellent job mulching and FAR better than the gators.
I have found gators to be the worst unless you are side discharging. They lose their edge the quickest too. I run a plate at this point and the stock wright blades or wavy mulchers work best with practically no blowout. The gators imo just don't do that well with munching. They cam be used with a plate but not the full mulching kit.
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