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Follow up to the solution to my problem with the pole pruiner.

Try as I might, with keeping my other equipment running, gave in after a good 3 hours working on it with a printed parts book courtesy of Breezemister, and took it to my dealer at Hernando Equipment.
Walon the manager has been good to me in the past and asked him what to do. While I really didn't see more than a slight curve, he said the extension tube was bent and he'd try to fix it because those rivets where not lining up right to put it together.
I quess it was too much for him, maybe a slight bend could be the problem so I ordered a new extension tube with using the old bushings and new springs and let him put it together for me for 90 bucks.
I like working on my equipment, but when you gotta lot of things going on, it cost less to take it to someone to repair it when my time can be used for more important things.
Thanks are in order for breezmister, slapper, ricky88 and yes, I field stripped all the way down late afternoon and forgot exactly how it came apart.... learned an expensive lesson!
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