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Originally Posted by SSantor View Post
I agree with Cedar we love our three exmark 30's. The gas tanks are good size. You don't have to refuel after every lawn. Some days we only refuel once in the day. There were transmission problems this spring. We had all three go down and tranny's replaced. We haven't had any problems after that. The company making the trannies didn't follow the spects. Exmark fixed the problem and has given a two year warranity on tranny's. We cut high grass with them and they did well. We discharged high grass and then mulched it on a second cut at a higher level. We cut all our lawns weekly. The wheels are not plastic. They've held up well. The cut follows the turf, you don't have missed area's with the deck lifting like you do with larger walkbehinds. They are not good on hills. I really think you would be happy with this mower. We are very happy. It was a good move for our company. The bottom line is the people like the cut and we are making more money with less overhead.
I second what he has listed above. All true in my opinion. I like the exmark 30 so far despite a few problems. for in depth answers, I suggest you read the LONG thread on the topic called "pulled the trigger, exmark 30". Its worth the read. Overall Im happy with the mower. Here are a few additions to whats listed above: I have encountered lawns where the mower will not cut well,but those lawns are FULL of weeds, and thin grass. The weeds are like salad, and VERY wet. For a typical lawn, at normal heights, it does very well as a mulcher or bagger. Keeping the blades sharp and the deck clean makes a big difference in cut quality as well. Blade belt tension and drive cable adjustments are also necessary from time to time to keep the mower cutting optimally. I use the exmark 30 as my primary mower and have been very happy. For the size of the lawns we cut, we can fill the gas tank on the first stop, and run it for 3 or 4 lawns easy before even considering refilling....and sucks on hills for sure.
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