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Well guys I was afraid this was going to happen sooner or later with the weather patterns we've been having (rain rain rain, cloudy, humid, temps in the 80's). I've noticed in the last week that my backyard almost seemed like it was thinning out and not recovering as quickly after mowing compared to my front yard. This is weird because my backyard gets more sun and generally is a better stand of turf than the front. I pulled up some bermuda in various spots throughout the backyard especially in the areas where it looked thin and discovered I've got a fungus going on. Historically, I've never had any fungus problems in my yard other than a little dollar spot here or there that can be fertilized out.

It looks like it's a Helminthosporium type fungus to me but I wanted to get some second opinions before I get something to treat it. It's not dollar spot and I don't think it's pythium because I'm not seeing the white-ish fungus surrounding the areas.

Ideas? And treatment options? I can fling granular, blanket with my skid, or use a backpack.

It's tif419 maintained at 5/8" with a reel mowed every other day.

Sorry if some are blurry, it's hard to get it to focus that close.

With flash
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