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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Oh, I get it! You are not fortunate enough to have ever operated a Walker..... With Walker's tilt up deck, they are just as compact as a Stander.... My 26EFI is only north of 800 lbs.... As for full view of the deck and ducking under trees, closer to obstacles and turning in smaller spaces..... This is what Walker is known for! And this is where I am coming from.... But if all you run is mid-mounts, I guess a stander would benefit you... I guess...

Sorry, but I have twice as much time in the industry and standers are one of the best mowers out there--price and efficiency wise. Maneuverability, lighter footprint. Faster in tight areas and better able to get around obstacles. The only thing they don't do better than a ZTR is large open areas.

Too young to have used trail mowers (how many of you even know what those are?) but I did run a Locke reel mower a couple times. I've used everything else since--Toro Groundsmaster 300 series and the old single cylinder 52" decks. 455-D, 4000-D, Walker, Navigator, Lazer, Turf Tracers, etc.

The stander type mowers are flat out awesome. They don't totally replace a ZTR in all situations. They don't totally replace a WB in all situations. But for 95% of the work we do, they are the best machine for the money. I bought a 60" Grandstand last fall and a 52" this spring. The 60" replaced a Lazer.

For the OP--good list. My only regret is not getting a real job. lol
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