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I think standers are stupid contraptions too.

However it's not about sitting down versus standing up, nothing like monkey butt to change someone's mind and sitting down while riding on turf for many hours most certainly can aggravate and often times create this painful situation, in my case I feel the stander is way too expensive for what it actually is.

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5.) Ethanol! I don't think we've seen the tip of the iceberg with this stuff's propensity to degrade engine and fuel system components, either in the green or the automotive industry. When enough people realize that it's just welfare for mega-farms in a handful of politically-connected states, we'll end this nonsense.
I see the largest impact on the food industry, when tens if not hundreds of thousands of acres are taken to produce ethanol there goes the farmland that would have otherwise been used to produce edibles, the flipside of this coin is so nasty... We are literally driving on Africa's children's blood, the politics are such that when there is a food shortage there exists a downline that translates into certain countries suffering first, so much so that we can create the food shortage that someone else ends up dieing of hunger for, then we have certain humanitary organizations that offer relief, it all forms quite the picture.

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