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Originally Posted by vabch22 View Post
PorcupineLawnCare - Thank you for your suggestions. I will look at the Toro and Exmark models you listed since they are available at my local dealers.

baitdragger - Yes, that is one factor I was looking at also. By buying semi commerical I would be able to sell it easier than a residential unit.

MikeA57 - Good points about a stander, I didn't know about the heat hitting your lower torso, but it makes since. My back should be ok since I will not be mowing every day like a LCO. I know the higher end units have a better suspension, but maybe I can find something in the middle. There is only one lot with a gate, and their backyard is small so I'd just push it with a 21".

I appreciate all the info and feedback. It has helped a lot.
Yeah look at the Toro and eXmark and I would advise agianst a Stander
You know, the usual stuff and more...
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