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Originally Posted by SDLandscapes VT View Post
Since we don't do huge volume....another option we have is to keep the push spreaders and use the Shaw's one and done product with Dimension and Acelepryn. We are testing this on one property this season and so far we are very impressed. One man can easily run through and spot spray for weeds etc and we can used liquid dimension in round 2 to re apply to curb lines and along other head sinks.

Thoughts? Has anyone used the Shaws 30-0-10 one and done in a large scale operation on over 40 lawns with different site conditions?
I used the shaws product last year on some ball fields and my yard and it didn't work. It all went off at on time the grasss was green green green green for about 5 weeks and than started to fade out. I had to do more treatments on the ball fields and my yard. May be they found out what was wrong with it. This was not one and done I just used the surf 4. It's what you used but no pre or acelepryn. Good luck with your work

Charles Cue
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