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Skipster makes a good point in his response.
Let me allow you some insight on my choice of ferts like those mentioned above.
Cost, Cost, Cost.
Nitrogen has been bastardized by the industry because a person mentions fertilizer and 13/13/13 comes to mind for everything.
If you have done a soil test....great......if not...........great. Generally, I don't have time to spend taking samples of all my lawns unless there is a problem. Then fix it.

When I apply a lb. of N. over a M.........I look at the real cost of a lb. of N. in a given bag. I do not buy overly expensive rip off fertilizers that do nothing for hype.
When it comes down to fertilizers for your specific grass of choice, you will need to get with a good supplier and one that is willing to sit down and speak of the differences. If they are willing to sell you a product, they better know about what they are selling.
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