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Need Help with Building Asphalt Sealer

Hey ... Looking for any helpful information on building a sealcoating unit for my own personal use, my large yard and neighbours. Just looking to build the simple 55 gallon trash pump style, have almost everything except how to make the suction and return line from the top of the barrel.Looks like a 2" tee with quick adapter's but how to incorporate the suction tube in the center and have the return going back into the same tee, what type of fitting is this any idea's ? I have the banjo 90 degree elbow but not sure how to fit a smaller tube snug into it and still leave enough space for the return flow .... the only other way I can figure is put a bulkhead at the bottom of the barrel for suction and just a 90 elbow on the top for return and mixing. Any Idea's would be appreciated. Thanks.

Will try to post a pic.
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