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I am for sure a die hard Walker fanatic.... been running them for over 15 years... However, I surely have appreciation for other equipment and manufacturers. I run Walker riders but Scag walk behinds.... I love Scag...I also really like Ex-Mark... (Mark Oomkes- been dying to try a Navigator.. If it stripes anywhere near the Lazers then it must be an awesome machine) I like Hustlers and Gravelys.... Would die to own a Ventrac for my acreage accounts. Not a huge fan of Bobcat or Snapper... Toro stuff is obviously top notch but that brings us back to standers.... The Grandstand does not thrill me.... I don't mean to start any beef but MOST, not all, of the reasons that folks are listing for standers being great is why I own a Walker. Compact for the trailer, you can see what you are mowing, you can mow under low hanging branches, you can mow well on hillsides.... Obviously the price point is a point of contention (no pun intended) So even though in my World, I don't see the big deal about standers...... The dude that's been running mid-mounts and walk-behinds that demos a stander and it's like the clouds part and rays of sunlight appear beaming and blasting against the bright red of a Grandstand is absolutely floored and thinks it's the best thing since white bread.. All power to him... I just don't see it.
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