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We flat rate for 90% of the residential accounts and 100% of the commercial. Its nice to have steady income year round.

Upon interview or phone call from a new customer I ask a bunch of questions to build the schedule for them and zone in on which services they are in need of.
In my proposals, I break down price per cut and a schedule of cuts. Leaf clean up is more and so is haul away, and this is listed too. I judge pruning hours per year, and state a fee for that and how often different shrubbery types will be serviced. All of this sounds like a lot, but after you do a few contracts and proposals like this, you will have a wealth of copy and paste forms to use. I use part of my contract form for the proposal, so both proposal and contract look the same, except the contract is another 1-3 pages depending on property type--I can make a proposal and change it into a contract in about 10 minutes this way, generally 7-9 page contracts.

Just add up every service for the year and divide by 12. Snow Removal may state a price per service and an average number of services with a price per each...this way if you need to do more services you can bill more and less service you can credit their bill to fix the average.

My contracts have an early exit clause where if they choose to quit service early they will owe the difference in service performed and payment received. I do online billing through email, so it is easy to gather dates and services by searching a name+invoice in the gmail search box.

You will need to so some good record keeping to accomplish this. What I do is I have string bound log books in every truck and each page is a new day with service details, including time in and out for employees and time for each job, which areas were pruned, weeds seen, and where the crew at lunch, etc.... Come payroll, I total through each page and update the services completed for each customer too. We invoice on the first of each month, so by the last day of the month, I have compiled all dates from all employees and customers and we submit dates and details along with the invoices. If we meet our minimum amount of services, we bill normal, if we do 3 cuts instead of 4 we credit the amount for that single missed service.

Hop this helps! If you want to see one of my proposal forms, I can email it to you.
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