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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Listen to these guys and go with a walk-behind.... Especially since you have what? 20 accounts!!!! Yes, get a walk behind yesterday my friend... Take a look in your area for used Scag walk behinds.... Lots of companies make great walk behinds for sure but from my experience, Scag walk behinds are just indestructible... You will honestly be able to cut more properties with a commercial mower... Maybe even enough properties to make you think twice about taking your degree to Wall St...... Maybe you will be so impressed with how much $$$ you can make that you will take that degree and put it to use running your own business. Maybe you will invent some sort of cost analysis spreadsheet that takes the green industry by storm..... Anyway, no matter what you do, you would benefit from a commercial walk behind mower.... 36 sounds about right for you....
I've been thinking about the possibilities of going huge with lawn care. I believe the potential is there to make very, very good money! However, I think I'd have to move to a larger city, such as Charlotte or Atlanta. The fixed costs would start to get pretty serious though... That said, I really do enjoy the work. It's very satisfying to look at well groomed yard and say "I did that! That was me!" My yards look better than a lot of yards maintaned by the big guys. The difference is I care about what I do. (I study Finance, and am a Long-Range competitive shooter. Attention to detail is critical in both of those disciplines)

Back to the discussion, I really want the WB so I can ride. It sounds like the Velke can handle me, and the reverse issue doesn't worry me too much. Someone mentioned Scag, and I know they're supposed to be built like a tank.
I found this on craigslist:
Unfortunately, I'm not ready to move right now. I have finals tomorrow then a short break before Fall semester begins. That means I have to buy books, pay tuition etc. Bout to be eating cheese sandwiches for a bit... What are some of the items prone to breakage on these mowers? If it is not Hydrostatic, does that mean I have to put in a "gear" and that's how fast it goes unless I put it in another gear? (I'm thinking of my dad's old craftsman rider with gears 1-5. Am I on the right line here?)

Just in case anyone was wondering what I'm working with at the moment; I'm currently running a Toro Timecutter Z4200 (I know it's not built for this, but I inherited it from my dad when he passed, and it's served me well so far), and a Husqvarna 7021R rear-drive push mower(got it used for $125). It's a good unit with a strong Honda engine, but it is a lot slower than riding. I have a Ryobi 790R with a Poulan Pro stick edger attatchment, a Ryobi SS30 that I use to trim, and a Husqvarna 150BT blower. I know the Ryobi's aren't anywhere near commercial grade, but I run the piss out of them and they keep chugging along. They were both hand-me-downs, one was my dad's and the other was given to me by my girlfriend's dad. I try to really stay on top of maintenance on all my gear. That's probably part of the reason my lower end gear still has some life in it. When I finally kill the Ryobi's I'll get RedMax or Echo replacements.

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to tell me what's what. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been fortunate enough to stumble into this.

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