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I can see the stander being of benefit to companies with crews who simply can't afford the learning curves associated with walk-behinds, I did think about that today because it is not a quick process to learn how to run one but for a solo operator I'll take a fixed deck, spend a year or two learning how to run it and save myself two thousand dollars.

Yes, I do think the Lazer Z offers a nice cut and I prefer it over the Zmaster, but compared to Gravelies they both suck.

As for Toros, seems to me the only mower they make that's worth a dime is their walk behind and because of the T-bars, and here we go again... Folks will spend thousands more just to have hydraulics so they don't have to operate pistol grips when they could have gotten a toro... But I just don't care for Toros past the T-bar, were it not for that patent I would have something else entirely.

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