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So it is 52k to 56k before you start your taxes? Ouch. I can see why you're quite concerned.

I would definitely take a long look at a lot of things if I was bringing home 40k on a gross of 80k.

This is exactly why I do not like the usofA. Funny how it is supposed to be illegal to double tax us people. But every single thing we do or want is taxed.
Most people think food isn't taxed. HAH. Every single ingredient is taxed somewhere down the line before we purchase it. It is built into our food prices.
Everything that goes into making a lawnmower is taxed (metals, plastics, rubbers etc.) before we purchase it. Then the end purchase is also taxed.

I dare you to keep a receipt for every single thing you do and purchase throughout the year. Add up all the taxes on each receipt. Then add that to your simple taxes for your business and personal. You will SH!T yourself when all is said and done. Your yearly flow will see that on average in a nutshell each person pays well over 55 to 60% in just bullsh!t taxes just to live.

But hey, just go hire some CPA for an astronomical sum so he can get 20% of that back to you.
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