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Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
Something I thought was the ultimate flub was the Puegot diesel in my 455. Nobody liked them, especially the mechanics. But mine's been so sweet. Purrs like a kitten. Much quieter than the Kubota or Yanmar they now use. I just keep the timing belt changed and it doesn't disintegrate.
Actually, a few WAMs could be on the list.

That Hustler with a 50' long drive belt was a beauty.

The Howard Price 1260 was a flaming piece of crap.

The 455 was a huge improvement, but it needed a lot of improvement as well. I always loved the deck belts breaking and taking out the clutch wiring harness. Even though I started replacing the belts twice a year.

Underpowered is an understatement.

4WD system was\is a joke.

I did love the way it cut wet grass, because of the slow tip speed it barely clumped grass at all, but it also had really bad lift because of that same slow tip speed.

I lived with ours because they were the best thing going for a long time, but I sure didn't exactly love them.
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