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Originally Posted by Mowin4Dollas View Post
Hey guys, so I am a young buck trying to make a few dollars in this business. My dilemma is my parents trying to run my business. My father is a business man, but has never worked a day for landscape crew in his life and has no idea what running a landscape business is like. He tells people I will cut their yard for next to nothing thinking he is doing me a favor. He has me mowing a 1 1/4 acre property for 40 dollars. This property has over 25 trees. I feel robbed every time I do it. I take what I so seriously And try to leave every lawn looking the best I possibly can. In the mean time, alot of friends and family contact me wanting some work. My sister expects me to mow her yard for free, and apparently so do my parents, because they have jumped down my neck for refusing to do it. The only reason their lawn is not cut is because they are super lazy. Also, a friend of ours contacted me via Facebook wanting me to cut her fathers yard. She just wanted me to cut it, not weedeat or blow it. She told me her husband was going to weedeat over there he just couldnt grt his mower there. So I told her I would much rather her just allow me to take total care of the property, one because this way I know that when I leave the property I know it looks to my standards, and two it would cost her just about the same to weedeat and mow. Apparently I offended her and my family jumped down my throat. Basically every since I started I have tried to take everything I have learned here and execute it in my business to be profitable, but still affordable. But apparently to my parents I am just some punk kid who takes what I am doing to seriously. Sorry for this rant, but I am just so frustrated because I feel torn between two places. I want to respect my family, but I also want to maintain a professional appearance, and not just be little Johnny. I hope you guys can give me some advice, and sorry if I wasted your time
I agree with White Gardens. Show your Dad your business and explain your pricing. Enlist his help in growing your business. He's obviously proud of you and trying to help. He may not know landscaping, but his years of experience in business are valuable.
Good luck.
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