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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Hmm I wonder if mine had a twist, im curious though how he knew there was a twist in the belt once it had been kicked off.

Your right on with the 7" measure, I checked the diagrams etc, will adjust the tension tomorrow morning if it needs it.

I intend on re-routing the fuel lines, never liked the way they isolate both tanks by a switch, Ill get a 3 way junction to replace the valve. The tanks will drain equally which is much better IMHO

That's interesting you have had a demo on the gravely & good to hear your thoughts, I never had the opportunity.
The Gravely has a wonderful seat, but it's not exactly the feel you would expect. When I first started using the 472 I was thinking the more air involved the better the ride, wrong, I found this best ride was achieved with a very small amount of air pumped into the system.

There is no mower that will give the better ride of a Ferris in your cutting situation, your properties are a step above what would actually be considered rough.

Did you check the speeds like I asked with blades off, deck up, blades on, deck up, and then while cutting? This would be interesting information for those of us to see the differences.
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