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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Wow bud! That is the mower that you need! I kid you not but I have easily over 7000 hrs on that exact unit and what a great mower! It's a scag so it has a great cut, you can side discharge or use the steel grass catcher for it, and it is super maneuverable! It's super easy to handle and light enough for you to lift it up higher walls and get through fences.... If I could lift the front wheels onto something, it was going up it.... I would say that this is pretty much the perfect mower for you.... The one thing though is the price.... Yes, it looks very clean and I know it's a great unit but I think you should go in there with a grand cash and tell him to give it to you. Tell him that used Scag's on C list are a dime a dozen and your buddy (me) just picked up a Scag SWZU 48 in. cut for 900 big ones... Absolutely true, mine came with a sulky and well... Oh yeah, as for items prone to breakage on this unit..... Ummmmmmm... wellllllll...... Catch my drift... Keep the oil changed, keep it greased, keep a couple belts on the trailer. Speaking of belts.... These units are great because they have belts and you don't have to deal with expensive hydros.... Are hydros a little easier on the hands? Sure, but you gotta get your man hands at some point in life right? Go to the Scag website and watch the Scag 30th anniversary commercial, the long edition..... This commercial will get you so dang pumped up not only to represent the Scag Nation but to be out mowing and maintaining in the green industry... And finally, just like my all time favorite company Walker, "Made in the U.S.A" enough said...
You're enthusiasm for scag seems to be shared by everyone I talk to. The only problem I might have is that i don't think there is a Scag dealer near me. That could probably be worked around though. I would really like to buy the one I posted, but I agree that he wants a bit too much for it. Especially since I would have to buy a velke, and I think those run a couple hundred... The other problem, as I stated earlier, is that I don't have the cash at the moment. However, if he would take a grand for it I could probably get the money. I reallyu think a 36" walk behind ans velke would suit my needs very well for the moment. It would actually be even better if they would just stop making 36" gates... What a pain!

Should I get a 1-wheel Velke or a 2-wheel (I think they call those sulkys)? What are some pros/cons between the 2? Sorry for all the questions, but I have never operated a walk behind.

I'm going to do some serious marketing next spring. Going Door to door, fliers, signs etc. I'd like to get about 35-40 properties and maybe hire a buddy to help me out. I don't graduate till spring 2015, and need to make some good money in the meantime.
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