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I've been running firefox except a brief moment the other day I opened I.E. In I.E. it did the same - A big blank white screen between the banner until scrolling toward bottom where posts started. Not a problem on Firefox. I quit using I.E. a couple months ago when it started presenting problems after updates with several forums. I could not figure out the settings within I.E. that may have been causing it. I would restore to a prior point and it would clear up, but anytime an automatically set update would occur, it would revert to having troubles.....things as mentioned and others like not making paragraphs in text boxes-all words would jumble together, delay in saving edits, not loading pages, etc. Id do a system restore and things would be ok until another update. I even stopped automatic updates but the issue would seem to crop back up eventually.

I gave up searching for answers with I.E. and have been using firefox without issue.
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