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Originally Posted by mag360 View Post
I'm hoping it does well without using a spacer since that will simplify blade changes when I'm not the one doing them. Since the difference is so small and the front baffles are probably coming off when I hand it over to employees (they would most definitely get bent on a tree root or rock because someone didn't want to lift the deck, or caught on the trailer gate when backing off without raising the deck into transport) I think the extra 1/4 inch or so will tone down frontal blowout.
I'll try it with the baffles all the way up first in case the taller sail and height difference allow it to perform well - I think there's a real chance of getting enough air flow in the front channel now. The only thing I want to keep an eye on is the discharge baffle since the sail passes pretty close under it like on our 60. The 60 actually bent the baffle right above the sail from all of the wet, heavy grass constantly barraging it this year. It was bent by the end of week 1. I can definitely weld up a reinforcement but these notched foil blades are easier to bend than solid foil and my concern is the discharge blade always winding up with a slight bend and screwing up the cut. Hopefully no issues will arise and we can keep this fix simple.

I ordered a set of isolators from the 400 series yesterday too - this 272 frame is already set up to fit them although I may have to drill new holes in the seat weldment. Looking forward to a better ride.

Here are a couple pics of the two blades side by side. You can see that the exmark blades are 1/2 inch wider which adds something like .027 inches to the distance from center to leading edge - it fits and adds incrementally to blade overlap and blade strength. The 850 kawi does notice this difference and I'm sure our 1.2-1.3gph fuel use average is about to go up. If things ever dry out here I think the stock blades will be more than capable and will save some power and fuel. Meanwhile we'll have at it with these
Wow! What a difference. I look foward to your results.

Also since your 272 has the 400 series frame which isolators are missing? All, foot, seat, or engine?
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