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Originally Posted by Michmom View Post
Thank you Treenut for your reply!

I'm going to try sending a third request just for the hell of it---I saw that someone here on the forum got an agreement for this option after 2 denials--maybe 3 is the lucky charm???

This has been so frustrating!
We had our initial inspection and after a frustratingly long delay, finally got a response in Sept 2012. We knew it would not be good since we had much more severe damage since the initial evaluation. We had worked with a Dupont person other than the hotline, and got good advice from her. Based on this, we sent in a formal rejection within about 10 days, and detailed the reasons why we rejected this. The reasons were basically that things got much worse and heights were not measured properly. We sent in pictures, but were advised by the Dupont person that they would have to send out someone to look at the trees. 2 months later on mid Nov 2012 they sent out a Davey tree guy. We worked an entire day with the guy and got all of our 100 trees re-evaluated. A month later we got a new resolution agreement with a much better resolution. We were OK with this agreement, but it still included someone of their choosing to remove the trees and Dupont would hire them. We did not like this idea so we rejected the resolution agreement for the second time and basically said we were in agreement but wanted to control who removed the trees and we wanted us to be paid this and hire our own company. Finally in mid March we got the third resolution agreement that agreed to this. We got paid for all the trees, and all the removal.

If you want Dupont names and more details send me a private message. I have extensive records of all the correspondence.
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